About Us

Safety without sacrificing style - this is our motto. We want to provide you with something so incredibly cool, that you don't even realize it's helping you stay alive. We also strongly believe in individualization and standing out - being unique. Be different. Be memorable. 


LightMode Kits optimize motorcycle helmet visibility by fixing them with electroluminescent materials without compromising the structural integrity of the helmet. There's hardly any additional weight to your helmet, they're super easy to install, the lights turn on with the push of a button, and it improves rider safety. LightMode helmets are also unique and downright badass - the internet agrees.


Thomas Plywaczewski


Thomas was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and spent most of his adulthood in the field of engineering. If he could take all his years of engineering and boil it down to one fundamental principle, he would tell you there is always a solution to every problem. Inspired by the movie Tron, and his passion for motorcycles, Thomas designed and developed his first LightMode helmet in 2013 to increase his own visibility while riding his Honda CBR 600RR. Everywhere he went, people would ask him about his helmet. When he realized there was no other comparable product on the market, he decided to turn his design into a business. Thus LightMode was born! In addition to his incredible academic background, Thomas is also an award winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, and electronic music producer. In fact, he created the music heard in the 2014 LightMode Kickstarter video (listen here).



Social Media Queen / Marketing Coordinator

This vibrant lady handles most of the distribution inquiries that we receive from all around the world. Like Thomas, she has a respectable degree in engineering and has a reputation for being a workaholic. When she's not working on advancing humanity's current state of water purification technology or helping a valued distributor, she's managing LightMode's social media streams. During her down time, she enjoys going on adventures with her Ducati Monster and Ninja 300 so that she may show off her LightMode helmet to the local riders in Vancouver, Canada.



Advisor / Support Manager

Got questions? Want to give us feedback (positive or negative)? Give Derek a shout at support@lightmodehelmets.com and he'll get back to you as soon as possible - sometimes even in the evening. He's as dedicated to LightMode as the creator himself, so you can expect individualized and sometimes quirky responses ;)


Jordan Angelov

Product Development

With his background in Electrical Engineering, Jordan helped design and develop the detachable controller used in the LightMode S Kits. Jordan and Thomas became friends at Simon Fraser University when they partnered up in a Digital Signal Processing course during their respective Engineering degrees. When Jordan is not working, you'll find him hiking mountains in beautiful British Columbia, building something car or electronic related, or appreciating the fine tastes of imported and local beers.