• Includes parts and helmet replacement for 2 years
  • Must be purchased within 15 days of ordering your LightMode Kit(s)
  • Available to everyone who purchases a LightMode Kit

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What Is Covered?

At LightMode, we test all the components in our kits for functionality and brightness intensity before shipment. Those that don't meet our standards are discarded. On rare occasions, an electronic component can fail spontaneously due to faulty manufacturing. The Basic Helmet Insurance covers your helmet up to $200 USD in such a case.¹ ² 

We also got you covered for water damage.³ Our kits are not waterproof, but getting caught in the rain is a possibility. In that case, we advise you to keep your LightMode helmet off, as turning it on while wet could have adverse effects on rare occasions. In the event that water damage is the cause of your EL wire failure, you would be covered up to $200 USD as well.²

How Does It Work?

You have 15 days to sign up for a Helmet Insurance plan from the day you purchase a kit. Each LightMode helmet requires its own individual plan. Upon signing up, you will have two years of protection.

Should you need to make a claim, contact us at and provide the following:

  1. A complete description of what is not working.
  2. How/When the problem occurred.
  3. Pictures and/or video.

We will work with you to pinpoint the cause of the issue and either:

  • Send you the replacement part(s)
  • Ask that you ship your helmet to us for inspection

If a claim is made and your helmet is replaced, a new plan would have to be purchased for the new helmet if you want it to be insured.

Who is eligible to sign up?

Everyone who purchases a LightMode Kit, including those outside of North America.