Neutron S Evo Kit Instructional Video

Installing the Evo Kit on an AGV Pista GP R.


Electron S and Proton S Kit Instructional Video

If you purchased an Electron or Proton S Kit, watch this video before you install it.


Neutron S Kit Instructional Video

If you purchased a Neutron S Kit, watch this video before you install it.


TWO Neutron GRIDs on ONE Helmet

Only for the most hardcore LightMode riders.



Neutron BLADE on an Arai

A cyberpunk take on a simple LightMode install.



Illuminating an AGV spoiler

AGV fanboys, look away.


TWO Neutron BLADEs on an Icon Airflite

The fire & ice, light side vs dark side, split personality look.


1st Gen Kit Instructional Video (Discontinued)


Common Questions

1. Can I cut the EL wire?

We do not recommend cutting the EL wire just because an unclean cut may result in unwanted contact between the inner and outer core. If you decide to cut the EL wire anyway, cut it before gluing it to your helmet. If it doesn't light up, retry by cutting off a centimeter from the tip. You can use the Helmet Glue & Accelerator to create a seal on the exposed EL wire tip. Just keep in mind that cutting the EL wire voids the 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty and 2-Year Helmet Insurance, but should you need a replacement EL wire, we sell them to LightMode customers upon request.

2. Do I glue down the entire wire or just points?

Only every couple inches, or wherever else necessary.

3. Can I remove it once glued down? 

Unfortunately, no. We opted for a more secure attachment method over a more convenient attachment method to ensure the EL components won't fly off when travelling at high speeds.

4. I notice a high pitched sound when I turn on the controller. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal.